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On-location filming in Los Angeles takes a hit amid writers strike

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Filming in Los Angeles has plummeted dramatically over the past four weeks as the Writers Guild of America strike entered its 24th day. 

Instances of on-location filming in the city fell 50% compared with the same time last year. The number of projects slated and approved to film in L.A. stands at 151 versus 311 from the same time in 2022.

Most of the projects still filming include smaller, nonunion independent movies and reality TV. 

The WGA began its strike on May 2 after contract negotiations broke down between writers and producers. 

Writers are asking for increased pay, changes to how residuals work in the streaming era and increased regulation on artificial intelligence. While little is known about the negotiations, a new front in the entertainment labor battle may open soon.

The Directors Guild of America is expected to enter contract negotiations in early June. Since directors share many of the writers’ concerns, some industry experts are predicting a joint strike, which would put more pressure on the studios to settle and end the walkout.  

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