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Meghan Markle down on ‘South Park’ for mocking royal couple

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry weren’t thrilled with how they were parodied in the latest “South Park” episode.

Ms. Markle has spent the past few days “upset and overwhelmed” about how the show depicted her, according to a media report. It was rumored the royal couple was so unhappy, husband and wife were “taking it out on each other.” 

The episode is about a fictional Canadian prince and his wife who embark on a “Worldwide Privacy Tour.”

The characters are the spitting image of Prince Harry and Ms. Markle, right down to the latter’s description as a “sorority girl, actress, influencer, victim,” reported The Spectator.

This episode’s running gag is that the couple keeps asking for privacy, yet continues to do things that draw attention to themselves — such as carrying around signs everywhere that say “We want our privacy” and going on a talk show to promote the prince’s new book, titled “Waaagh.”

“We just want to be normal people. All this attention is so hard,” the prince says during the show. 

Their privacy tour takes them to South Park, where they illuminate their new home in bright lights and hang up banners demanding people “Respect our privacy.” 

Fox News reported that the couple’s legal team is reviewing the episode.

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